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702fixit Services is an expert, all-in-one handyman services in Las Vegas. Our brand is founded out of passion and love to maintain clean and orderly homes where everything is functional. Our unique mission is to make every “home truly a home” for the people of Las Vegas and its vicinity.

We boast of over a decade’s experience in the job as well as a multi-skilled and professional team who are as passionate as they are knowledgeable in the business. We are happy to say that with our experience and professionalism, we have been to help our clients live their dreams of maintaining spick and span and orderly homes.

We undertake different tasks ranging from house alterations, interior and exterior painting and repainting, renovation and restoration of homes, trouble-shooting property problems, installing fixtures and ceiling fans, of walls and flooring, installation of faucets, fixing of leaks, plumbing issues, and more. It is our job to get all these properly done while you focus on your business or work.

We are ever committed to ensuring that our clients are satisfied. And, not only have we consistently achieved this, we have equally ensured that the processes of delivering that satisfaction are most cost-effective for our clients. This is why we have become a go-to service option in Las Vega.

It is time you joined our list of happy clients and share your testimonial as they are doing.

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We will be at your beck and call to render any of the services above. We are Experienced, Trustworthy, and Client-centered with a culture of prompt response to clients’ calls. Contact us now and let’s “make your home truly a home”

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