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House Alterations (Adding or knocking walls)

The benefits of knocking down walls maybe hard to ignore. Doing this can transform smaller rooms into a larger space allowing natural light to flow through the house. If you are looking for the right services in Las Vegas to help expand your home, then 702fixit is your best bet.

We will knock down internal walls seamlessly and add the perfect extension that you most desire; bringing your after-thought to reality.

Consult with you on knocking down non-loadbearing walls and advise on the right way to have an extension in your house. We are known for professionalism in all areas of Las Vegas.

We ensure compliance with relevant legislation before embarking on any extension or renovation project. So, you can rest assured we won’t put you in harm’s way.

If we need to build new bricks, install new steel columns, our experts will deliver perfectly on your job.

Nothing gives us joy than putting a new look on your home while putting a smile on your face. We go the extra mile to discuss your extension plans before execution.

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