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Install Faucets, Fixing Leaks & Plumbing Issues

Trial and error are inevitable when it comes to a DIY projects that you have never done before such as installing pipes and faucets. Leaks are usually as a result of errors and rarely factory defect of the product. We will fix all plumbing issues and carry out error-free installations.

Call the right services when you are experiencing leaks and plumbing issues.

We will look out for blocked screen that could be as a result of debris clogging the pipes, during initial installations.

If the leaks are coming from the cold and hot water on and off valves, it could be related to a broken seal.

Depending on the problems with your faucet, we might need to replace the O-ring or lubricate the rings with a silicone grease.

We will install air chamber to stop unnecessary faucet noise when you turn it on and off.

In the Las Vegas area, we are the best services at your beck and call. Contact us today.