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Home renovations and restorations

702fixit is Your Go-to Home Renovation and Restoration Services in Las Vegas. We are the best services and we can fix your home and get it back in shape in no time… Read More…

Paint and Decorate Your Interior and Exterior

Painting your interior can serve as a way of expressing your love for art and color. Beyond that, it is a great way to create happiness in your space and infuse the kind of energy you want…Read More…

Troubleshooting problems on property

Getting the right property inspection services will save money and time. With our troubleshooting services, we are able to assess any faults in your home…Read More

House alterations (Adding or knocking walls)

The benefits of knocking down walls maybe hard to ignore. Doing this can transform smaller rooms into a larger space allowing natural light to flow through the house…Read More

Fixing issues to pass Home Inspection

If you are anticipating inspection, we can turn out your house in the right shape by fixing all the issues that may be present in preparation for the inspection…Read More

Wall and flooring

Wall and flooring installations (tile, plaster):  Transform your Interior by Replacing those Worn-out floors and walls… Read More

Install fixtures

Install light fixture & ceiling fans: Do you have any projects involving electrical and wiring components? At 702fixit, we install fixtures such as celling fans, light switches and fixtures…Read More

Install faucets

Install faucets fixing leaks & Plumbing issues:Trial and error are inevitable when it comes to a DIY projects that you have never done before such as installing pipes and faucets. Leaks are usually as a result of errors and rarely factory defect of the product. We will fix all plumbing issues and carry out error-free installations…Read More

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