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Troubleshooting Problems on Property

Getting the right property inspection services will save money and time. With our troubleshooting services, we are able to assess any faults in your home facilities and identify the root cause before we deploy the most appropriate solution.

Our team will take proactive steps to spot emerging problems in your property and provide immediate solutions

We will identify cracks in stonework, leaking overflow pipes, damaged drains, defects in the lead flashings round chimneys valleys and parapet walls.

After heavy rain falls, we would check for downpipes and gutters to see if there are any leaks or penetrating damp.

Spot internal problems such as water staining in the roof void, checking under the floor for condensation and unravel other internal problems.

Tackling property problems both outside and inside a property can seem like a steep hill task. With 702fixit, you can take the stress of your shoulders. Contact the best services in Las Vegas.