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Wall And Flooring Installations (tile, plaster)

Transform your Interior by Replacing those Worn-out floors and walls!

Do you remember the number of times you have had your high heels on those floors? The number of times your kids have spilled on it? Breathe new life into your interior walls and floors by arranging a floor and wall makeover or with 702fixit.

We will work with you closely to choose the right products for your walls and floors before starting your renovation project.

We arrive on schedule and provide the right estimates for your project. There are no hidden charges or exaggerated figures.

At 702fixit, we have our own installers and we’ll have them do the job.

We can handle all your wall and flooring needs for your new home or office.

Don’t try to do your wall or floor installations by yourself; the process can be tricky. Leave it to the best services in Las Vegas area.